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Jan Jansen (HAN) published the article Integrated Exchange Rate Model (IERM) & Chinese Yuan & US Dollar. Case: Working Capital Management in Logistics in the category Publications.

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Summer school. Doing business in Europe

Join us at Arnhem Business School in the Netherlands next summer!


The summer course is offered in 2 identical sessions; Session 1 runs from 4 – 24 June 2011 and Session 2 runs from 25 June – 15 July 2011.

  1. The first week of class starts at the Nijmegen campus with introductions to Dutch and European Culture and Economy and is followed by a business case. The business case is centered around one of the largest flower auctions in the world: Flora Holland in Aalsmeer. On request of Flora Holland, students work in groups on a particular business assignment and present their findings to representatives of Flora Holland during an oral presentation. A company visit to Flora Holland in Aalsmeer is included in the programme.
  2. The second week consists of different seminars covering topics in, among others, European Logistics, Consumer Behaviour and Business Law.
  3. The third and final week is reserved for the Business Management Game. Students work together in a ‘management team’ making executive decisions in multicultural groups, applying business knowledge, intercultural skills and a professional attitude.

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New Version Beer Supply Chain Game

Supply Chain Management: Root Beer Game and Global Supply Chain Management
Harvard Business Publishing offers two simulations about supply chain management. Supply Chain Management: Root Beer Game is a team-based simulation that demonstrates how oscillations in a root beer supply chain develop and create a dynamic known as the “bullwhip” effect. Students take on roles representing the retailer, the wholesaler, the distributor, and the factory. In Global Supply Chain Management, students set up a supply chain to deliver two mobile phone models. Students examine the entire manufacturing supply chain and consider how best to optimize a supply chain to meet variable demand. Source:

Wind Energy Project management

Wind Energy Project Management is an international minor (Semester elective of 30 ECTS) at the HAN University of Applied Sciences, delivered in cooperation with OutSmart wind professionals. This minor deals with every aspect of harvesting wind energy using offshore wind farms. It is a unique study designed for  with a background in Engineering,  Economics, Logistics and Management.

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Or you can contact the co-ordinator: Mr Roy Peters (e-mail:

An overview of the technical, managerial, financial, political and legal aspects in the various phases of developing an offshore wind farm:


Hyperlink to SCM-competition

Dear EFLE -Colleagues,

The Dutch company Involvation has developed a Supply-chain Managment game called “the Fresh Connection”. In the Netherlands this game has been played for several times now by student teams as well as company teams (professionals). It has been very succefully. From now on they also want to make this competition available for international teams. So student teams, staff teams, professional are all invited to participate in this competition.

When you are interested please click the hyperlink and you will be redirected to the website.


Didier Piets (HAN-university)

International Sustainable Logistics Conference 2010

The International Sustainable Logistics Conference 2010 took place on the 27th of May 2010 in Huddersfield, England.

Topic: Current Developments in Sustainable Logistics

Students and researchers from the universities of England, France, Finland and Russia participated in the conference and presented results of their  research in the field of Sustainable Logistics.

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