Intra-Logistics, EFLE Jena 2013

Ernst-Abbe Fachhochschule – EAH (University of Applied Sciences) Jena hosted the 21st European Forum of Logistics Education (EFLE) from the 8th – 11th of October 2013.

The theme of this year forum was: Intra-Logistics (Concepts and Technologies in Production Logistics).

Some impressions:

Tuesday 8th of October

Most of the EFLE members joined for the informal starting dinner  in Hotel Schwarzer Bär. It was nice to meet old and new participants in an informal way. We discussed matters of personal and professional interest in the cosy restaurant of the hotel. Our host Burkhard  Schmager opened the informal meeting two times, because a lot of us were ‘flying in’ during the dinner from all parts of Europe and even Indonesia.
EFLE, Jena, 2013, 1

Figure 1 The golden bear in the hotel lobby

Special welcome for the new members of Denmark, Netherlands, Russia, Finland, Belgium and Indonesia, the new comers have easily integrated into the EFLE family.

Wednesday 9th of October

The 21st forum was opened by Prof Dr Wolfgang Eibner, dean of the faculty of industrial engineering of the FH Ernst-Abbe (EAH Jena). He wished a good forum and a lot of success with our co-operation.

EFLE, Jena, 2013, 2

Figure 2 Prof Dr Wolfgang Eibner, Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering opened the 21nd EFLE forum

Burkhard Schmager is not only a perfect organizer, but also a specialist in the topic of the conference: New Trends in Intralogistics. We learned in a vivid presentation about trends such as Globalisation, Complexity, eLogistics, eCommerce, Sustainability, and Handling (a trade off between: Time, Quality and  Costs).

 EFLE, Jena, 2013, 3

Figure 3 Burkhard Schmager during his speech about New Trends in Intralogistics

Uwe Herbst from the EAH Jena continued with a lecture about “Challenges in modern Industrial Production Systems”

Finally Christian Steinmetz from the company Viega  informed us about “Optimisation of Internal Logistics for US Export”, a business case study how to improve the utilisation of international container transport by having a better fit of smallest pallets in a standard container. The result is a huge amount of saving in transport costs.

On the premises of the EAH Jena the well known manufacturer Carl Zeiss Jena is located. We had the opportunity to have a look inside into the production process of lenses for all sorts of applications.

EFLE, Jena, 2013, 4  EFLE, Jena, 2013, 5

Figure 4 Our host at Carl Zeiss Jena in action! and the magic innovation formula at Carl Zeiss Jena

After the lunch we drove to the company Viega in the town of Grossheringen, a beautiful bus trip in the region of Thüringen.  The products of Viega were shown to us in their showroom; and we had an insider view in the logistics process of Viega.

EFLE, Jena, 2013, 6  EFLE, Jena, 2013, 7

Figure 5 EFLE 2013 forum at Fiega in Grossheringen. On the job demonstration of the connection kit of gas tubes

Then we headed to Leipzig, we had a short break at the Völkerschlachtdenkmal near Leipzig before we entered the beautiful city of Leipzig. The dinner at Auerbachs Keller was a great experience to know everything about German’s impressive history and a nice and authentic cuisine.

EFLE, Jena, 2013, 8

Figure 6 EFLE forum at Völkerschlachtdenkmal

EFLE, Jena, 2013, 9  EFLE, Jena, 2013, 10

Figure 7 Auerbachs Keller in Leipzig. The well known keg in Auerbachs Keller.

This was definitely not the end of the day! The main attraction was of course to visit the huge hub of DHL at Leipzig airport. After having a lot of security checks we were able to see one of logistics world wonders!  Because of security reasons we are not allowed to share information on worldwide web.

Our trip back to Jena was a bit longer than expected because of road reconstruction activities. Finally the day ended at 1:30 AM!

Thursday 10th of October

Our host Burkhard allowed us to sleep a bit longer, so we started at 9 o’clock in the morning with a new day of impressions.

EFLE, Jena, 2013, 11

Figure 8 Presentation of the logistics system at  FIege in Erfurt

We drove to Erfurt to visit the company Fiege.

Then we continued our trip to the well-known castle Wartburg. We had a nice excursion into the main rooms of this beautiful castle.

EFLE, Jena, 2013, 12

Figure 9 Presentation at Bosch Fahrzeugentechnik Eisenach

We continued our trip (with an efficient bus lunch) to Bosch Fahrzeugtechnik in Eisenach. We were welcomed by the quality manager, and he gave a detailed information about the organisation of the logistic processes. After the presentation we had a look into all the aspects of complicated process of this B2B supplier to car manufacturers.

We returned to Jena, where we had a big surprise: the official dinner 100 meters above the street level in Jena’s tower. Colleague Stephane spoke on behalf of the EFLE participants some words to appreciate the efforts of Burkard and his team made for the 21st version of our annual forum.

 Friday 11th of October

Some of our members had to leave in the early morning. They missed three excellent lectures on the theme of this conference Intralogistics; as well as the presentation of Kees from the organisation committee of EFLE 2014.

Burhard started with a brilliant presentation on eLogistics:  Computer aided systems for Intralogistics. He explained to us the SAIL concept of segregating functions: DC (Direct Control), MM (Mission Management), RU (Resource utilisation) and FC (Facility Control); and made a link to the future trends of ERP systems and EDI concepts.

EFLE, Jena, 2013, 13  EFLE, Jena, 2013, 14

Figure 10 Stefan Krumbein (left) and Mario Neugebauer (right)

Stefan Krumbein continued (in a very enthusiastic way) with his PhD research topic at Bosch Rexroth concerning Implications for Lean Production Control Systems in a high mix and low volume production. At the end he summarised very well the possible applications of lean manufacturing concepts in a real life business situation at Bosch Rexroth.

Mario Neugebauer (EAH Jena) explained with practical examples the advantages and cost of implementing RFID infrastructure in different business cases in his speech: RFID and IT for Enterprise Supply Chains.

Next year Stenden Hogeschool (University of Applied Sciences) of Emmen (Netherlands will host the 22nd forum from 7th – 10th of October 2014, the leading theme will be: Challenges in Logistics. Stenden has a few specialisation in the fields of:

  • Energy logistics
    • Maintenance logistics of off-shore wind farms
  • Hospital logistics
  • Zoo logistics

EFLE, Jena, 2013, 15  EFLE, Jena, 2013, 16

Figure 11 Kees Elbers introducing EFLE 2014 at Emmen (Netherlands)

Olga Lyamina from CSU Chelyabinsk initiated an Erasmus grant (new style) for student and staff exchange. Burkhard Schmager (EAH Jena) and Jan Jansen (HAN) will research the possibility to start up an Erasmus project.

EFLE, Jena, 2013, 17

Figure 12 Final impression of EFLE 2013 at Jena

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