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An exciting and fast developing work field with good job perspectives, a pratical minor with thrilling excursions, getting in touch with authorities in wind power. That’s what the minor/exchange program Wind Energy Project Management is about! This international minor/exchange program at HAN University of Applied Sciences is delivered in cooperation with OutSmart wind professionals. The course deals with every aspect of harvesting wind energy using offshore wind farms. It is a unique study designed for Engineering, Economics and Management students. The program is comprehensive and practical. It prepares you for a role as a consultant in the professional field of wind energy. The close ties with the professional wind industry will enable you to find success in the international wind market! 
At the 4th of April, the HAN gives each minor a go or no-go, depending on the number of students that registered. We still need some students in order to continue this minor/exchange program. So don’t hesitate, register now!

More InformationWind Energy is one of the highest-ranking sources of renewable energy for the future. Offshore wind power, wind farms at sea, is developing faster and faster. This makes the wind industry an interesting field of work! The many excursions that are a part of this minor/exchange program, makes it different from others. It prepares you for the real world!Topics
You will learn about the construction, utilisation and maintenance of offshore wind farms. You will get an overview of the technical, management, financial, political and legal aspects in the various phases of developing an offshore wind farm. This makes this minor/exchange program varied and gives you insight into many aspect of harvesting wind power. After following the courses of this minor/exchange program, you can work in almost every field of the wind industry!
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3 days a week of various classes – 1 day a week excursions – 1 day a week of project work – seminars with the student group – workshops – opportunity for students to add special topics to the course – additional opportunity for students to get a work placement at a company in the wind industry.
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It’s a
Business WorldAfter you’ve learned all about  Wind Energy Project Management in this minor/exchange program, you’re ready for the real world. Reach out to the future, and become a Wind Energy Professional. To give you more insight into the world of Wind Professionals, this minor/exchange program links Students to Professionals. How? By inviting guest speakers from authorities in Wind. Get to know the business, the companies and the people behind the success of wind power to find your own success in the market!

The Real
Practical Minor To make the minor more practical, and more interesting, this minor/exchange program offers a lot of excursions. To give you an idea of what you are going to do during this minor/exchange program, listed below are the activities the students did last semester:

  • Visit a manufacturing facility where the huge wind turbines are built
  • Take part in a safety training and climbing course, so you’re able to climb a wind turbine
  • Visit an onshore wind farm, having the change to climb a turbine
  • Visit an offshore wind farm on the Dutch North Sea by boat
  • Visit a wind turbine foundation manu- facturing facility in Antwerp
 Students visiting a turbine @ wind farm Koegorspolder (2011)Interested?Are you interested in working in one of the fastest developing industries in the world? Do you want to be a part of the international renewable energy scene? And do you want to develop yourself and broaden your horizons by taking part in an interactive, practical and interesting minor/exchange program? Just fill in the application form, and Join the Minor of the Future!
 ContactDo you have any more questions about this minor/exchange  program, please contact Bregje van Geffen by sending an e-mail to b.vangeffen@han.nl. She is the coordinator of the minor/exchange program Wind Energy Project Management and can tell you everything you need to know about this minor or get you in touch with former students of this minor.   

Listed below are the companies we’ve worked with to make this minor/ exchange program a success:

Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen

OutSmart BV




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