International benchmark EFLE 2009

There are three important reasons to start this Benchmark:
1. Gather information about certain similarities and differences between programmes which makes it easier to share knowledge
2. Gather information about exchange possibilities for students and staff to be able to start further cooperation.
3. Compare own performance to partner Universities
The EFLE is a great platform for this benchmark.



More information: International_benchmark_EFLE [pdf]

1 Response to “International benchmark EFLE 2009”

  1. avatar Lina Matheussen

    I would like to ad that KHK Geel also offers a Bachelor in Logistics with a full program on logistics starting with logistics in the initial year. So it is offered as a major. The numer of ECTS is 180 with an average of 23 hours a week with a mixture of project learning, formal lectures, tutorials, practical lab and written or oral exames, peerassessment, permanent evaluation, reports and dissertations. Also Pc exams are used for the more software related subjects. Simulations in a logistic environment in a project company: software and operational issues throughout the program. A logistic consulting mission in an actual company.
    As main objects you can find Logistic infrastructure and Innovation, planning, transport and mobility,law,communication and selfmanagement,management and economics. No minors are offered.
    18 professors
    Innovation in logistics is a main objective.

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