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EFLE 2018




26th European Forum of Logistics Education


October 9-12, 2018


Rotterdam, The Netherlands



“Innovation in ports”

Introduction of EFLE 2018 [ppt]


Dear partner,

Welcome to EFLE Rotterdam 2018!

The European Forum of Logistics Education (EFLE) is an international platform where Educators of Bachelor programs in Logistics Management and Logistics Engineering work together. It was founded in 1993 and currently 31 Universities from 13 countries are participating.

EFLE 2018 will be hosted by Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) and will be held in Rotterdam from 9 until 12 October 2018. The overall topic will be “Innovations in Ports”. Several speakers from the port authority and innovative companies have already confirmed their contribution and there will also be excursions to the Port. View the complete programme on our website.

Research (sharing logistics)

As innovation is the keyword of EFLE 2018 we would especially like to welcome colleagues involved in research. During EFLE 2018 a poster session is organized where current status and outcomes of RUAS researches (i.e. in health care logistics, last mile distribution, construction logistics, synchromodality etc) are presented in an informal and interactive way.

We also would like to welcome contributions from other participants of EFLE for the poster session. Even if you are not directly involved in research we ask you to consider to give an overview of the research activities related to logistics as done by your university. Note that the final posters will be printed by us.


This year we would also like to put a focus on the last E of the acronym EFLE, i.e. education. We intend to combine our collective knowledge in didactic skills with the latest developments in the field of logistics. Our goal is that all participants return home with fresh ideas about how to make logistics developments come alive in a (European) classroom setting.


We would like to invite you for EFLE 2018! You can easily register for this event by clicking the link below. The fee for participating in the 2018 EFLE conference in Rotterdam is €360, you can pay the invoice via bank transfer. Part of this amount is used for the yearly maintenance of the EFLE website.

Hope to see you on 9 October in Rotterdam!

Kind regards,

on behalf of the organisation

Jeroen Visser

Remco de Vries

Click here for the programme and register


Organising university

Rotterdam Mainport University of applied Sciences

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

How to enroll

Click here for the programme and register

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