Internationalization at Home with ​ The Cool Connection

Internationalization at Home with The Cool Connection & The Blue Connection​ [.pdf], Inchainge Connect Educator Conference​, Wednesday 14 April 2021

Roelijn Kok (Windesheim – Zwolle)​

Daniela Tanhua (SAMK – Rauma)​

Jan Jansen (HAN – Arnhem / Nijmegen)​

EFLE 2020 WebEX conference

Dear EFLE-partners,

We are happy to give you the opportunity to meet with each other within the EFLE network – although on-line – during the first EFLE on-line conference on Wednesday, October 7 and Thursday, October 8.

The organizing committee felt, that it is very important to keep up with the annual tradition of meeting our partners and that’s why we embraced the facilities to organize a virtual on-line conference.

We hope that we can offer a versatile programme including current best practices in learning, recent research results as well as a discussion about EFLE as an association and next year’s conference in Breda, NL.

The registration is done via the following link:

Registration is open until Sunday, October 4

After you have registered, you will receive a link to the WebEx meeting for the conference.

Kind regards,

Daniela Tanhua & Jan Jansen

Programme EFLE 2020  (SAMK-Rauma & HAN-Arnhem)

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Online education

How to setup an international course in times of remote learning?
HAN and SAMK take online education to the next level!

A showcase of best practices for exciting online education

Draft program EFLE 2020

Draft program EFLE 2020 (video conference): 7 – 8 October 2020

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Future Competencies of Logisticians

We are proud to inform you that our research on competency requirements for bachelor graduates in logistics has been published!


Group picture EFLE 2019

Group picture EFLE 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Future Competencies of Logisticians

Presentation and video for EFLE 2019

First research results from the Project Future Competencies of Logisticians [pptx]

Future Competencies of Logisticians video

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EFLE 2019 programme

EFLE 2019, Copenhagen

From: Tuesday October the 1st 2019

To: Friday October the 4rd 2019

EFLE Research project: Future Competencies for Logisticians

During several EFLE meeting future competencies for logisticians were on the (formal and informal) agenda.

In 2014 (Emmen) colleague Kees Elbers introduced us to new developments concerning the logistics curriculum (based on future requirements for logisticians) and started a discussion in our forum about this issue.

A group of EFLE members (Daniela Tanhua, Burkhard Schmager, Nick Hubbard, Anne- Chantal Drain, Karen Van Bastelaere, Lene Buhl, and Jan Jansen) developed during the last 5 EFLE meetings (2015: Madrid, 2016: Hasselt, 2017: Besancon-Vesoul, and 2018: Rotterdam) a project called “Future Competencies for Logisticians”.

Now a pilot group started: SAMK, HOGENT and HAN with three students (Ha, Lisa and Lin). The students are studying logistics at SAMK, HOGENT and HAN and they are going to use this research for their graduation projects.

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Summer Course Supply Chain Management

Arnhem Business School – The Netherlands

Course dates: 23 June – 12 July 2019