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The annual meetings offer an excellent opportunity for the participants to meet colleagues from other universities from both inside and outside Europe and aim to create an enjoyable atmosphere for networking, collaboration, information sharing and the construction of international trust relationships between the  institutions.





- hear from experts on the latest trends and

   technologies in your field;

- learn from other lecturers;

- network and debate with professionals  

   and other participants;

- enrich your experience abroad through a

   range of company visits.




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To contribute to the internationalisation of our education, by sharing information regarding study programmes in Logistics, by visiting each other’s institutions, etc.. To keep in line the latest trends and technologies in the logistics sector. To share knowledge and experiences in educational and didactical approaches.


EFLE 2018


"Innovations in ports"

October 9-12, 2018

Rotterdam Mainport University of applied Sciences

Rotterdam, The Netherlands





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EFLE 2010, Zagreb, Croatia

Group picture EFLE 2014, Emmen, The Netherlands


EFLE 2013, Jena, Germany  Please see all pictures here


EFLE 2012, Chelyabinsk, Russia  Please see all pictures here




Group picture EFLE 2016, Hasselt, Belgium



Photos EFLE 2017, Besançon, France